Attorney Mehmet Murat TOPRAK, the founding lawyer of the MMT Hukuk ve Danışmanlık Office, started his career as a lawyer in Istanbul. Throughout his career, he has carried out many activities such as insurance and compensation law, criminal law, family law, companies and trade law, maritime law, contract law. He worked in the law offices which carried out international law activities in the past and he is currently carrying out joint legal activities with partner law firms in 6 different countries abroad. He also took active duties in various non-governmental organizations, carried out studies and worked as a manager. He has also written articles on violence against women, which is one of the biggest social problems of our time, organized seminars, took place as a spokesperson on the panels, and attended television programs from time to time. He is continuing his consultancy services in line with his professional ethics by bringing a dynamic viewpoint to the lawyer profession together with his team.